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February General Meeting 

Continuous Improvement in a "We" Organization

Speaker: Tim Higgins

 Tuesday, February 20th, at Two Guys from Italy, Granada Hills.

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Discuss the differences between a “Me” organization and a “We” organization and how that impacts performance and improvement. Identify the necessary prerequisite conditions for constantly and forever improving the system of production and service. During the session we will examine the inadequacies of the prevailing style of managing organizations, review the constraining trap of the thinking underlying the “Me” organization, and initiate seeing with new eyes to reveal possibilities invisible to those trapped in the prevailing thinking.

Speaker Bio:

Employed 29 years with Rocketdyne, Tim has for the last 8 years worked as a NASA Safety and Mission Assurance specialist assigned to Rocketdyne. 

Though Rocketdyne and then NASA provided him various assignments, Tim followed his bliss by messing with the frontal lobes of those trapped in the prevailing style of management. Certified to teach Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, and Problem Solving / Decision Making, he conducts training and consults Rocketdyne and NASA teams on cause investigation, analysis and intervention. He conducts discussions of The New Economics with both local participants and participants from the US, Canada, the UK and the Australia. He is a member of the In2InThinking Network Board of Directors. 

He spends five days a week playing o jogo bonito and every day enjoying his soul mate Brazilian wife. He and his son occupy themselves by wandering galleries, museums, and historic buildings. They also cooperate with others in earnest attempts to play soccer in a manner that lives up to its moniker, the beautiful game. 

Especially fascinated with books describing the downright weird behavior of both the atomic particles of the universe and the people in it, Tim has a Masters in English, and a rather substantial collection of Brazilian soccer jerseys.

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January  General Meeting

Introduction of Officers and STEM Apprenticeships: Shaping a Quality Culture

Speaker: Rosemarie Christopher

Tuesday, January 16th, 5:30 pm to 8:30pm at Mandarin King Restaurant, 17092 Devonshire Street, Northridge, California 91324

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Adopting apprenticeships for STEM jobs in Quality and Compliance improves the rate of success of new hires. Strategies and tools for attracting, developing, and retaining top talent that include on the job online and/or classroom learning, together with on the job training and mentorship can help to shape a culture of Quality in the organization. By attending this presentation, you will ‘get’… 

 • Apprenticeships build; maintain and retain skilled talent through consistent processes 

 • Gear Apprenticeships to the Millennial workplace and career values = Success 

 • CQIA & Other Industry recognized Certifications = Validation of the OJL/OJT Model 

 • YOU, the ASQ Quality Professional a GREAT Mentor = Professional Development

Speaker Bio:

Rosemarie Christopher holds board member positions in various quality and regulatory organizations such as the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Food, Drug and Cosmetic (FDC) Division as Membership Chair, Regional Councilor Chair, National Discussion Group Chair. Rosemarie also serves as Region 7 Deputy Regional Director and San Fernando Valley Section Career Development and Education Chair; the USC School of Pharmacy as a member of the Board of Councilors and Executive Committee Chair of the Life Industries Council (LInC); the Orange County Regulatory Affairs Discussion Group (OCRA-DG) as a member and sponsor. As President and CEO of MEIRxRS, a family of 3 unique companies that recruit and place scientific, technical, engineering and math/physics professionals, Rosemarie has over 28 years of experience with executive search and staff augmentation with mid-senior level STEM trained and experienced professionals. Rosemarie has a strong understanding of, and is a Speaker/Presenter on STEM apprenticeships; on the job learning; and employee retention in the multi-generational project by project workplace. 


Northampton County Community College - AA , Bethlehem, PA 

University of CA –Los Angeles –BA Anthropology – Los Angeles, CA 

University of Southern CA- MA –Corporate Communications – LA, CA 

Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses – Executive MBA – LA, CA

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October General Meeting 

Case Study: Using DMAIC on a Green Belt Project in Manufacturing Services” 

Speaker: Mayet Mendoza, CSSBB 

Wednesday October 17, 2017 6:00pm to 8:30pm, Mandarin King Restaurant, Northridge, California

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The DMAIC six sigma model for process improvement stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. 

In this case study, the presenter goes through a number of tools and methods and how they were applied in each step. 

Define: Identify the issue causing decreased customer satisfaction.

Measure: Collect data from the process.

Analysis: Study the process and data for clues to what is going on.

Improve: Act on the data to change the process for improvement.

Control: Monitor the system to sustain the gains. 

Speaker Bio: 

 Mayet Mendoza, CSSBB, Continuous Improvement Manager at Vinyl Technology Inc. 

Mayet is a business process excellence leader and ASQ-certified Six Sigma Black Belt. She has leveraged Lean principles for more than 9 years to deliver superior global service and support across multiple industries including high-end electronics, telecommunications, software consulting and manufacturing. She is keen to one day add the healthcare/biotech industries to that roster. 

At her current role, she has managed kaizen projects, ranging from rapid facilitation to medium and large size projects in Production Operations with a total estimated $1.6M in Labor/Material cost savings to date. She has mentored green belt teams and has used DMAIC and PDCA methodologies extensively. 

She has a BS degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California.

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September General Meeting 

Data OutliersAssessment and their Impact on Normality 

Thursday, September 21, 2017 6:00pm to 8:30pm 

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During this discussion an emphasis will be placed on using Minitab for both Box-Plot and Grubb’s Test to assess whether data points should be considered outliers or not. Various data sets will be presented and analyzed using the tools in Minitab to determine if outliers exist. A brief discussion of the current standards ASTM E178-08 “Standard Practice for Dealing with Outlying Observations” and ISO 16269-4:2010 “Statistical Interpretation of Data-Part 4: Detection and Treatment of Outliers” will be held. The talk will end with an example of how creating a single outlying data point can actually change the type of distribution from Normal to Log-normal, creating a concern and demonstrating the need for carefully assessing the impact of the analysis. The bottom line is that there is a thin line between outliers and choosing an alternative distribution (rather than normal) when dealing with data. 


Using statistical analysis tools to assess outliers 

ASTM E178-08 and ISO 16269-4:2010 standards discussion 

Outliers vs Alternative Distribution 

Please bring your questions, experiences, and other commentary to make this a more valuable experience. 

Expert: Larry BartkusLarry Bartkus was named ASQ Biomedical SCDG Speaker of the Year three times now for his informative and always humorous presentations. He is currently Sr. Distinguished Engineer Quality Systems for Edwards Lifesciences in Irvine. He is a Certified Quality Engineer and Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over forty years’ experience in the Quality profession. He holds a degree in Chemistry from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Larry has been guest speaker at the Society of Plastic Engineers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, APICS, OCRA, American Statistical Association and ASQ. Larry has lectured at 12 different colleges and universities. He is a past Chairmen of ASQ Section 702 and has served on the Executive Board for over twenty years now. He was an instructor for several Refresher Courses including CQE, CQI, CBA and CQM. Larry has conducted seminars in Process Control, Statistical Sampling, Lean, Normality Assessment and Design of Experiments. 

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/data-outliers-assessment-and-their-impact-on-normality-tickets-37678548553 

Dinner (sandwiches or pizza) & soft drinks will be provided.Seating is limited to the first 40 registrants so sign up soon! Registration closes one day before the event on Sep 20. 

Member Early Registration $20 

Non-member Early Registration $30 

Walkins $35- Check only if seating is available 

Location: Boston Scientific, 25129 Rye Canyon Loop, Valencia CA 91355 

For more information Contact: Dora Derashan email dderashan@yahoo.com  

August General Meeting 

Knowledge Management for Organizational Excellence” 

Speaker: Dr. Melinda Sue Norin 

 Abstract:Dr. Norin will be sharing the value of Knowledge Management (KM) from different organizational perspectives. She will also be discussing examples of organizational successes and failures. Dr. Norin will expand our understanding of Knowledge Management beyond compliance with ISO 9001, introducing many useful and effective tools and techniques. 

Speaker Bio:Dr. Norin has consulted or trained more than 6,000 representatives from the City of Los Angeles, City of Santa Monica, the SCAQMD, IRS, FBI, Counties of Ventura, San Bernardino & Los Angeles, USC+LAC County Medical Center, Home Depot, DWP, LAUSD, Latham & Watkins law firm, the YMCA, Google, US Postal Service, Target, many retail outlets, hotels, aerospace, restaurants, banks, insurance organizations, media outlets and technology startups -- to name a few. 

During her 30 years of consulting, she has developed marketing strategies, tracking programs and government forms; she has created policies and procedures, introduced motivational tools, taught public speaking techniques, and guided organizations in creating many quality programs. 

For three consecutive years, Dr. Norin was named "Employee of the Year" while working with Commuter Transportation Services, now known as Metro. Dr. Norin earned a "Diamond Award" after consulting the LA County+USC Medical Center. The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Supervisors surprised her with a 'Certificate of Recognition" during a televised Board Meeting after working with LAUSD management creating a marketing program for the students, faculty and staff at 300 schools. 

Dr. Norin's educational background and eclectic experience has allowed her to observe both quality performance and many quality organizations having diverse goals. She has also witnessed the setbacks when businesses remain unprepared to address challenges. 

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July 18 General Meeting - ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories with Shaun Waters 

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Abstract:This presentation will cover the principles of ISO 15189, which applies to accreditation of medical reference laboratories. It will also emphasize the key concepts of ISO 15189: developing a quality management system, designing continual improvement projects, and utilizing root cause analysis to assess problems. The differences between ISO 9001 and ISO 15189 will be discussed to emphasize the specificity of ISO 15189 to medical laboratories. The cyclical process of earning and maintaining accreditation will also be presented in detail. 

Speaker Bio: Shaun Waters developed a year-long continuous improvement project as part of Genzyme Genetics’ College of American Pathologists (CAP) ISO 15189 accreditation process. The project was designed to determine the root cause of a recurring issue involving a pervasive contamination problem with specimens that were received from certain clients. Shaun presented the findings of his project to the CAP auditors during the final evaluation. Genzyme Genetics became the 2nd lab in the U.S. to achieve the ISO 15189 accreditation. 

Shaun graduated from UC Riverside in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He began his laboratory career at Genetics Center in Orange, CA, where he worked primarily performing tissue culture for cytogenetics applications for 9 years. Shaun has been a CLSp(CG) licensed cytogenetics technologist for 15 years. He also earned his MBA from USC Marshall School of Business, while working full-time in the laboratory and attending the MBA.PM program in the evenings, specifically designed for working professionals. 

Shaun continued his cytogenetics career with Genzyme Genetics working as part of the team to earn ISO 15189 accreditation. He is currently working as a product manager for the Cytogenetics and Classical Media lines for Irvine Scientific, a tissue culture media company, in Santa Ana, CA.

ASQ SFV Section 706 Rewards and Recognition - Call for Nominations

ASQ 706 members can submit nominations for Section awards.

Rewards and Recognition

•A means of recognizing and rewarding Section members who have participated in the advancement of the goals of the Society and our Section•Recognizes Section members furthering the advancement of the quality profession

•Recognizes non-members or organizations conducting seminars and courses; providing committee help, media coverage, classroom space, or other assistance; or otherwise supporting the Section.


Eligible: Individuals or Teams - ASQ membership not requiredRecognizes unique, one time efforts that contributed to the betterment of the Section by supporting business plan activities; special event planning, coordinating, and onsite support; or providing physical resources to the Section Leadership Committee (SLC).The number of recipients or awards per recipient is not limitedNominations accepted year-round

Award: Certificate and $25


Eligible: ASQ Section 706 Members Recognizes members who volunteer on the SLC in areas of section management, education, training, career guidance, membership, community affairs, or otherwise supported the section or the society.One award granted annuallyNominations accepted Jan through Nov

Award: Certificate and $100


Eligible: Current or past Section 706 MembersRecognizes members with a minimum 15 years of ASQ membership, 5 years as a Section Member Leader, and who have been involved in section management, education, training, career guidance, membership, SLC assistance, community affairs, media coverage, and public awareness of the section’s activities.Limited to one award per recipientNominations accepted year-round

Award: Certificate and $250


Eligible: OrganizationsRecognizes contributions to the Section of facilities for meetings, training, or events or other physical resources.One award per organizationNominations accepted year-round

Award: Plaque 

ASQ San Fernando Valley March Section Event

Please join us on Tuesday, March 21 for our monthly section event.

Speaker: Pierre Servan

Topic: AS 9100 Rev D

Location: Marie Callender's, 19310 Business Center Dr, Northridge, CA 91324

Time: 5:30 - 8:00 PM

Registration: http://asqsfv.ticketbud.com/as9100

Pierre Servan has over 15 years in quality leadership and currently practices consulting and training with Factor Quality, Inc. Throughout his career he has held various roles. Along the way his multiple responsibilities have helped shape his views on quality. He is currently involved in the development of management systems; leading quality related projects such as the deployment of a 3rd party QMS software and facilitating quality related training programs.

ASQ SFV Section 706 LinkedIn Group

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