• Northridge, California, United States
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August General Meeting 

Knowledge Management for Organizational Excellence” 

Speaker: Dr. Melinda Sue Norin 

 Abstract:Dr. Norin will be sharing the value of Knowledge Management (KM) from different organizational perspectives. She will also be discussing examples of organizational successes and failures. Dr. Norin will expand our understanding of Knowledge Management beyond compliance with ISO 9001, introducing many useful and effective tools and techniques. 

Speaker Bio:Dr. Norin has consulted or trained more than 6,000 representatives from the City of Los Angeles, City of Santa Monica, the SCAQMD, IRS, FBI, Counties of Ventura, San Bernardino & Los Angeles, USC+LAC County Medical Center, Home Depot, DWP, LAUSD, Latham & Watkins law firm, the YMCA, Google, US Postal Service, Target, many retail outlets, hotels, aerospace, restaurants, banks, insurance organizations, media outlets and technology startups -- to name a few. 

During her 30 years of consulting, she has developed marketing strategies, tracking programs and government forms; she has created policies and procedures, introduced motivational tools, taught public speaking techniques, and guided organizations in creating many quality programs. 

For three consecutive years, Dr. Norin was named "Employee of the Year" while working with Commuter Transportation Services, now known as Metro. Dr. Norin earned a "Diamond Award" after consulting the LA County+USC Medical Center. The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Supervisors surprised her with a 'Certificate of Recognition" during a televised Board Meeting after working with LAUSD management creating a marketing program for the students, faculty and staff at 300 schools. 

Dr. Norin's educational background and eclectic experience has allowed her to observe both quality performance and many quality organizations having diverse goals. She has also witnessed the setbacks when businesses remain unprepared to address challenges. 

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