• Northridge, California, United States
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August Section Meeting: Internal Process Audits

“Principles of Internal Process Audits with a Focus on the Differences between AS9100C andAS9100D"

Tuesday August 21 starting at 5:30pm at Marie Calendars in Northridge.

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This presentation will cover an overview of internal auditing, good auditing practices, and the majorchanges in AS9100D and how it may affect your next third-party audit.  

Lisa has been trained as a LeadAuditor for AS9100C, with additional training in the AS9100D transition. She is responsible for theInternal Audit Program where she is currently employed, and really enjoys performing thetask. Additionally, Lisa is the Section 0706 Audit Committee Chair this year.” 

Speaker Bio:Lisa Strawn originally joined the ASQ in 1979 as an "Associate" member. Her career has taken her tovarious positions such as Quality Inspector (with a focus on SPC); Quality Analyst, Quality Engineer,and Quality Manager. She holds ASQ certifications as a Certified Mechanical Inspector (CMI),Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), and a Certified Manager of Quality/Organization of Excellence(CMQ/OE). Lisa earned her Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Software Engineering, andgraduated with honors from the University of Phoenix. Currently working in aerospace at Eaton, Lisaworked on the team that led her facility to become certified to AS9100D last December. As the QualitySystems Engineer at Eaton, Lisa spends a great deal of time training internal auditors and using varioussoftware systems. 

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